Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Disastrous Nail Wrap Affair

With the recent trend of nail wraps and stickers, I decided to give it a go. My experience was not the best, but I would be tempted to try again before condemning them completely.



- Nail wrap stickers
- Tweezers
- Hair dryer
- Lots of nail polish remover!

My Technique

The packet instructed me to clean my hands and nails first, freeing them of any polish, which I did.

I then had to peel away the stickers and apply to my nails. Sounds simple enough, right? These were very sticky and I managed to transfer the glue from them all over the place, before managing to get them in the right position on my nails. (Tweezers I soon found were essential for this task.)

The next step was to heat with a hair dryer for 20 – 30 seconds. Now, the only setting I found I could use for 20 – 30 seconds on my fingers was the cold setting. I tried warmer ones, but the burning just wasn’t worth it, so these were not treated to heating they required. Another downfall.

The final step was to simply file off the edges of each wrap to fit with the edge of my nail. 

Not simply. 

The edges came away all over the place, most definitely not in line with nails. Some I could get away with by filing my own nails down to match, but some that had torn at bizarre angles meant I was left with gaping holes where the wrap should have covered.

Deciding to put it down to a bad job and simply enjoy the coverage I did have, I let them be for a while. Within minutes, the edges started peeling away all around most nails, making my nails and hands feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Exasperated, I decided to give up and remove them all, only to find a thick, gluey residue left across my nails that could only be removed through liberal applications of nail polish remover.

Not a success in the slightest.

 Alternative Techniques and Styles

Maybe a different brand would work, I’m not sure. I’m reluctant to criticize all wraps entirely, perhaps this was just a bad experience.

But for the price they are and the single-use disposability, I’d say it’s easier, less time consuming and better value to invest in some good nail polish and have your nails looking nice the way you want them.

~ HS

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