Thursday, 10 January 2013

Summer Paradise

This was a nice one to get through those cold, damp, winter months! A bit more detailed than usual, but you can see where the inspiration for Beach Waves came from. Only attempt if you have plenty of time.


- White nail polish/white base coat
- Sunset coloured striper brushes (red, pink, orange, yellow)
- Brown/Sand coloured nail polish
- Blue nail polish
- Blue nail art pen
- White nail art pen
- Black nail art pen
- Clear top coat

My Technique

I started with a plain white base rather than a clear base coat, as I was expecting a lot of colour and layers.

I then used striping brushed to create the sunset background on top of the white. This base really brings out the strong colours. I used a red into pink into yellow into white combination, but any appropriate colours can of course be used.

Once thoroughly dry, and this did take a while (and patience), I used a blue to add in the sea detail across the bottom of a few nails, and a brown for the sand-based nails. I then used a pen in a similar blue to add curves to the larger waves, and a white pen to add further detail.

Again, after waiting to dry, I used a black pen to create beach-themed silhouettes. These included palm trees, hammocks, boats and birds. It was difficult to get the look exactly as I wanted, as mistakes would cost a lot of time, with an entire nail needing to be started again from scratch.

Finally, a top coat to cover and protect.

 Alternative Techniques and Styles

This was my first and only attempt at ombre nails so far. I think I’m going to have to invest in sponges or something similar if I’m going to try again, but it can be done with pens. It just takes a long time and a lot of patience.

There are all sorts of scenes you can put into your summer paradise. Let me know what ideas you have. Let your imagination and dreams of holidays run wild!

~ HS

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