Friday, 11 January 2013

POW Nails

These are taken from a wicked Nail Art book a friend bought me for Christmas, The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art by Sharmadean Reid. 

It’s a brilliant book full of new and interesting designs as well as takes on some of the classics. This one is one of my favourites so I had to try it out first! I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of others soon.


- Base coat
- 5 different coloured nail polishes
- White nail polish
- White nail art pen
- Black nail art pen
- Clear top coat

My Technique

I started with giving my nails a good pampering, because they haven’t had one for a while, and it’s important to treat them nicely. I took off all remnants of old nail polish, and then gave them a good file and buff to get them in nice shape as a decent base.

I then slicked on a plain base coat for added protection.

I chose five different colours (purple, red, yellow, blue and green) and coloured and gave two coats to each nail to get an even colour.

Once completely dry, I used a plain white and coloured random corners and edges of each nail.

Using a white nail art pen, I fanned out the edges to give an explosion look to each.

Once dry, I added in the lettering and black outline with a black nail pen and added the polka dots with my white pen.

And once everything had dried off, I added a clear top coat to finish.

 Alternative Techniques and Styles

Of course there’s all sorts of colours you could use, and lettering as well. I went with comic-strip words such as ‘POW’, ‘BAM’ and ‘ZAP’, but you can add in whatever you like to make it your look.

One thing I would suggest is using specific nail pens. Unless you’re a dab hand at another technique that produces the same results, it was tricky enough to get this right with pens, so I would advise using appropriate tools.

These are fun and a bit different, and I’ve already had quite a few compliments on them tonight!

~ HS

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