Monday, 7 January 2013

Strawberry Fair

This was one I put together for the summer. We didn't get to the Strawberry Fair in the end, but my nails sure looked nice! This is definitely one that needs pens or a dotting tool of some kind.

My Technique

I began by painting a base coat, then covering with a pale mint green.

Once dry, I added dabs of red with an ordinary nail varnish brush. This gave better opportunity for different sizes and shapes of strawberry.

I then added the vines, as well as leaf detail to the tops of the strawberries, before finishing with small white dots to make them look good enough to eat!

The whole look was finished off with a top coat for protection.

Alternative Techniques and Styles

Different backgrounds can be used – I went with green this time, but other pales and pastels can be used. If it’s too vibrant you begin to lose the effect of the strawberries.

Other tools can be used to add the detail of course, I tend to favour pens.

You could try other fruit or even vegetables, for a seasonal look all year round!

~ HS

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