Monday, 7 January 2013

Beach Waves

This one is quite simple and all about experimentation. I took a few goes at this before photographing, but I’m not sure it’s exactly as I’d like. I might try it again some time soon and post the results.

My Technique

This one has no base colour, so just a simple base coat to begin with. This also makes it easier if you decide to start over.

I chose a light blue and made a sweep across each nail, not worrying too much about the tip of the curve as this can be added with later detail. The same can be said for the overall shape.

After that, it was literally a case of choosing appropriate colours in both pens and ordinary nail polish and adding flecks and splashes of colour here and there until it looked exactly as I wanted.

I went with light blues, dark blues, greens and whites to give that surf-y sea foam look, before finishing off with a top coat.

Alternative Techniques and Styles

The beauty of this one is that you can literally just keep adding to it to get the look you like. Of course there is a limit - remember that more detail means the paint gets thicker and takes longer to dry.

You can try all sorts of colours with this. Try adding pinks and yellows to give a sunset feel to the waves.


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