Thursday, 10 January 2013

Black and White Bows

I put these together in a bit of a rush as something a bit more interesting to go with a funeral outfit. My shirt was white with black bows printed on it, so I attempted nails to match. These were not really what I was aiming for, and you can see from the edges that I didn’t have time to finish them properly.


- White nail polish
- Black nail polish
- White nail art pen
- Black nail art pen
- Clear top coat

My Technique

These started as plain white base coats, with a black base on each ring finger.

Once dry, I used pens to add small bow details to each, and then finished with a top coat.

It was difficult to get the bows to look like bows, and my mother kindly commented that they looked more like flies.

 Alternative Techniques and Styles

If I was to do this again I would probably go with bigger bows, possible one per nail. And a colour injection would be nice.

~ HS

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