Monday, 7 January 2013

Hogwarts Houses – Hufflepuff Corners

In homage to Hufflepuff, this is quite a cool design that can be worn without affiliation to Harry Potter and still looks just as good.

My Technique

A base coat followed by alternate black and yellow fingers to begin with.

Using nail polish remover and some decent cotton wool pads, I folded each circle into quarters to give a solid line and then removed the top corner of each nail.

Then, using the alterative paint to the main colour of each, I filled in the corners.

This does take a bit of a steady hand, but shouldn’t take too long to do.

Alternative Techniques and Styles

Once again, there are so many styles you can try out with this. I particularly like the alternating colours of this one. I’m thinking of trying out a similar style with non-matching colours across each nail, to bring a bit of vibrancy to 2013!

Here’s another few I tried out, with Slytherin green and silver, also blues and greens – a good one for autumn, and a Gryffindor themed style using vertical stripes rather than diagonals. 

There’s so much you can do with this simple style.

~ HS

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