Sunday, 3 June 2012

Elegant Christmas Nails/Simple Tips

Normally with this season, I tend to go a little tacky and experimentational, but this year I decided on a classier look, with a dark green (that looks much darker than it was in the photo) base and a glittery silver tip. This is very very simple, no matter how you try to do it. It’s easy, and quick depending on the types of varnish you have.

My Technique

One coat of clear as the base.

Two coats of the main colour – I chose dark green, but other seasonal colours will work just as well.

I then used nail polish remover to take off the tips, along my own natural line, and added the glittery silver. This took several coats to build up to my desired look, so it’s entirely subjective and dependent on what you’re using.

Once dry, I finished with two coats of clear.

Yes, it really is as easy as that!

Alternative Techniques and Styles

As I said before, there’s a multitude of colours to choose from – you’re only limited by your own nail polish collection! It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed at all, I like to use this style a lot during the year.

I also like to play around with the angle of the tips. Here, you can see they're slightly curved to follow the natural line of my nails, but I also like to use diagonal sections, inverted triangles, plain straight edges - there's all sorts that can be tried out!

Another style I really enjoy using with this technique, is to make sure your nails are completely paint free, then add two coats of clear as a base, and then your intended colour to just the tips before finishing with a top coat.

This is very popular, and has been seen around for many years on all sorts of people. My favourites are neon colours during the summer, and darker tones, such as teal and navy and even just a plain black, during the winter.

~ HS

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